Why should you get BISON Rugged Waterproof Phone?

Why should you get BISON Rugged Waterproof Phone?

Are you tired of breaking your phone again and again? Are you unable to find a phone that is built to last and provides impressive specs? Well, this device from BISON is precisely what you have been looking for. The device comes with everything you can ask for.

Technical Features that make it a worthy phone:

The first thing that you will note about this phone is that it packs high-tech internal hardware. Well, in terms of technical features, there is a lot that this phone has to offer.

1.      Cutting edge technology hardware.

The first thing that matters in the phone is that it provides the required performance to the user. It is the reason this phone comes with 6 and 8 GB of ram. Additionally, being the most used devices, phones now need to have huge storage space, and this is the device that provides 128 GB of storage space. To ensure that these modules perform well, the phone uses the LPDDR4X and UFS 2.1 to max out the performance.

2.      Liquid cooling system to keep the high-end internals cool.

The device is so powerful that it can handle any heavy applications and games. However, this power processing requires the device to stay cool, and this is when the liquid cooling comes into play. It makes sure that all the components are at their favorable temperature to provide the best performance. It also means that you can use this device for as long as you want.

3.      Amazing camera unit.

Having a phone with a great camera has become a necessary option. It is because everyone these days needs to post pics on their Instagram feeds and stories. Even business individuals need it for remote meetings. It is why this phone provides all these cameras:

  1. 24 Megapixel front camera
  2. 48 Megapixel AI camera with f/1.79
  3. Ultra-Wie 16 Megapixel camera with 120-degree coverage
  4. 5 Megapixel Depth camera
  5. 5 Megapixel Macro camera

So, with all these cameras, whether you are a businessman or an influencer, the inner photographer in you will never miss anything.

Benefits that make it a must have phone:

Buying this phone comes with a lot of amazing benefits. Here are some of them.

Say goodbye to the notch-style phones.

Nowadays, the screens are covering the most surface area on the front of the phone. Consequently, this is what exactly this phone does. With a water-drop camera display, this phone has almost no bezels, chin, or notch. Additionally, the 6.3-inch FHD+ screen will provide a lot of areas to view.

Protection that matters.

This phone is built with protection in all factors. As a result, whether you are looking for water and dust proofing, you will get an IP68 and IP69K rating. Other than that, it also features Corning Gorilla Glass front screen protection.

The power that outlasts the day

Charging the phone again is not the right way, and this phone does the exact opposite. In fact, with its 5000MAH battery, 18-watt USB-C fast charging, the phone will not only charge in a very short time, but it will also last the whole day easily.


If having a phone that fulfills all your needs and is also built to last is what you are looking for, then this is the right pick for you.

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