When a brand must achieve NFTs

When a brand must achieve NFTs

A brand must achieve NFTs in the moment when they want to create something unique, to celebrate their extraordinary achievements, or collaborations.


Who can create succesfull NFTs for your company

If you are recruiting graphic designers working in a big company, and now they sell NFTs doing millions, you should be happy working with them!


How different is the NFT market from Social Media

Social media was a big thing in 2005. And, it did not changed. The Metaverse is a big promise for all NFTs creators. Because, they can engage with their fans easier.


Which are the biggest NFTs phenom promoters

I chose these promoters because they influence the crypto and NFTs markets a lot. And, these promoters are actively talking about NFTs phenom as they are investing and collecting these non-fungible tokens for their digital art collections.

  1. Gary Vee. Watch him on Youtube.  
  2. Tom Bilyeu. Watch him also on Youtube.


Gary Vee. Was creating the new PepsiCo NFTs campaigns named MicDrop. So, they joined this market working with graphic designers to create their own digital art influences.

Subscribe to the PepsiCo campaign to have a change at the MicDrop with having your own PepsiCo NFTs.

You should had a Metamask wallet to had entered this campaign.

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