Welcome to our Vitcore Hub family

Vitcore Hub became a family name from the first start when we were on the field collecting small datas for our Safari& Guerilla market researchs.

I plan to create a software cloud that will accelerate our mission goals like as a spacial journey for our life nucleus from Vitcore Hub family specialists members.

Alin-Stefan Stan, Communications Specialist
Image Core Web Vital

We hope to publish this year (2021) our first eBook with literary researchs about the United Kingdom Safari& Guerilla culture (small groups behaviours, local trends, photo-filmaking small datas for new pictures), and real life experiences while we were trying to achieve black/white hats for our marketing strategies.

We invite you to pitch us with your professional stories and opportunities if you come from a positive perspective building entertainment or software projects, together, within fundraising pitches to our Vitcore Electronics customers, friends, and business partners.

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