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VR tech: Virtual Reality Parks

VR tech: Virtual Reality parks is a new thing for behaviourists

So, the VR tech: Virtual Reality parks are the new thing of the world. Because they are awesome. And the tourists of the Virtual Reality Parks are the new world innovators. Surely not for tasting the VR fruits from the virtual reality parks. Clearly for evaluating the quality of the VR designs.

Vitcore Electronics sells some gadgets for the VR producers and advertisers

VR producers are the type of consumer electronics. Ofcourse because they build new virtual spaces for different types of buyers. And I imagined them as new possible tourists of a new world. Because they build a simulated reality for new innovative gadgets. So the attendees to an online VR event testing some gadgets. Surely are the new type of consumers too. And also they are tourists by some ways. Besides Vitcore Electronics sells some gadgets like those. Having in our shop: laser scaners, and VR helmets. How to use them? Think creative.

Going to sportive training parks with the VR technology

I met some recently. Who went to a sportive training park. Because was asked. And he worked at the development of a new software for VR helmets. But what is actually awesome in my mind right now? So I want more from this technology. And to see the arthephacts of the real world in the VR world. Surely a sportive hero is a icon for many. And for few too who bought a VR helmet. Ofcourse to see a virtual reality of a Sport Stadium and the players best NFTs of a season.

The big idea of the Behaviourism inception into the VR world

Advertising is about behaviourism. And the architecture is about the space utility. Ofcourse the branding elements of a building are part of the advertising and the architecture. So I want more. Ofcourse to find out the moment of the inception into VR world of the advertising tool of research. In conclusion, I see the world differetly. And changing in good. Because of the Virtual Reality technology. So add the advertisers to your journey as VR producer or researcher.

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