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Vitcore Railway Hitachi UK Japan market research is just a scenario to create a pool of study about the style and costs of life around students IDs. Indeed, to study the students economy is a challenge for many market researchers. Where from also came the expression ”False Economy”.

Because, students are the most innovative minds in creating ”marketing flyers to sell discounts”. The semiotics of the ”False Economy” poor father says:

  • Do you think if you will buy 2 tickets to the train instead of one; you may saved the economy?

Hence, technologically Japan is the most developed country, the trains are part of the real economy of this country. So, the real economy rich father will say:

  • You should travel free with the train if you are a good student!

These are two scenarios to start designing the first literary market research about the railway false and real economy. Because, people need this technology more than the cars. And, it should be made many efforts to see someday companies such as Tesla investing in Railways around the world. Or, such as Rover. Because, they are investing in nuclear plants to help countries like as South Africa from going out of being electrical blind.

The important news of the UK Railway modernisation

Since, Japan made this modernisation many decades ago, the UK government plans to start this decade the new modernisation, but they might not have finally the money. Because, the COVID-19 changed the plans of many investments around the world.

Please, read the complete news here. Because, they add more informations about the Japanese plant from the UK. And, the french third-party of collaborateurs.

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