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Vitcore Marketing Agency by Alin S. Stan

Vitcore Marketing Agency and Advertising Team was created as a first measure by the CEO- Alin S. Stan

So Vitcore Marketing Agency and Advertising Team as a new chapter page will define Alin S. Stan market research work. Because I created an author career name for myself to define my personal vision in the world of consumer electronics for Vitcore Electronics Shop. And for protecting my creative measures I implement in Tiger ECommerce& Creative Industries company.

The CEO of Marketing and Advertising roles includes a main reward for the company. Surely to have created in your past experiences a METHOD. And the new hired team, and affiliates will have the benefits to re-order the creative measures. So I created a model of learning and marketing growth for marketing assistants and affiliates managers for Vitcore Electronics Shop. And I implement the METHOD since 2021.

The Pitch Creativity starts by creating a talking point for advertising agencies

Indeed sometimes I think to externalise the work for advertising the Vitcore Electronics Shop products. Besides our staff is limited by the budgeting and state taxes for employment. So I take into consideration as CEO to create a local pitch for Advertising Agencies to take over the work for me. Surely is not the best strategy. Hence I have the knowledge to work with Freelancers. And to create large campaigns that sometimes are not well created by the local agency creatives.

In conclusion I thought to hack the mind of global creatives and to sell my know-how earned from my Vitcore Electronics development trought in a new page. Which will host the Pitch Creativity of the new Vitcore Marketing and Advertising Team.

Additionally I have written different advertising scenarios like as these I scened and presented in this article. So I have created a new Marketing and Advertising Agency idea. And the only thing it remains to do is to create a new series of pitchs. Clearly to sell our shop small datas, and direct observations I made during my Safari& Guerilla market research in the United Kingdom and Romania.

The Vitcore Agency Added a New Marketing Approach

I had a look forward about the idea of creating a talking point for advertising agencies. And I targeted a Pool of different consumer behaviours. To find happy People-Ids to answer our new call to action. Indeed I listened the local radios from the Birmingham United Kingdom. Because I wanted to find a way for promoting your brand in any town center of the world. And creating a talking point with a new app for market research! The mission. I wanted to design a strategy to take out Mind-barriers. And to open new markets in the Massachutes United States.

What happened next for Vitcore Agency new mission research?

Please visit our Facebook page @Vitcore.Electronics. And get more friends to follow us. Because we will offer you a Training Opportunity to start your career in our Marketing and Advertising Agency. How? Learning. Reading. And creating articles. And sharing social media posts. That will give you the chance to create your own affiliate marketing team. And to start to do money from the comfort of your own home. Additionally check our #Giveaways page for free items.

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