Vitcore Electronics Offering Amazon Prime To Clients in 2022

Vitcore Electronics Offering Amazon Prime To Clients in 2022

For a small prize new clients of Vitcore Electronics will receive the services equal to Amazon Prime in 2022. We have done a market research about a new membership program that will offer you fast delivery and free shipping directly to your door. Additionally, we are adding a rewarding program for creating your IOT network with us. Further, you will save more money on all your home expenses, starting with saving energy costs.

Amazon Prime services changes in 2022 for all our clients

We want to deliver faster all our products using FBA and Amazon Prime services for all our clients. It is really easy to fullfil an order trought in the Prime and FBA wharehouses owned by Amazon. Because, 160,000 people are working in these wharehouses to offer the best services for all their sellers. Amazon is the biggest reselling online marketplace from the world. The only issues they have are the big fees for using their services. And, this why we invest more in advertising of our own website.

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