Vitcore Electronics Hub for Facebook& Instagram creators

Vitcore Electronics Hub is a re-seller of consumer electronics, product design and behavioural research company for Young Urban Professionals, and Facebook& Instagram creators that will improve our communications so they could enjoy a good design of their life experiences.

To achieve this standard for our consumers of electronics, Vitcore Electronics Hub planned to invest in AI software developments that will do our lifes better in any place of the world, testing our solutions with Facebook& Instagram creators.

Our solutions are based on Safari& Guerilla researchs made in Europe and in the UK. The main targeted audience for our AI software are Facebook& Instagram creators, and small movie producers from all around the mother Earth.

We setup a frame wall of AI software principles to train our Young Urban Professional members in researching within methods of direct observations.

We made interviews and writed case studies. Planned to do photography or filmmaking projects made with the help of our small data notes. We work as a team of art producers.

Where our company is concentrating her resources?

Our software is designed to create a more secured atmosphere around important events from our life. Big entertainment and sportive companies are interested about our products and services market results and what our AI software promise to our stakeholders.

We created a map of free choices for people to meet up at outdoor and indoor events with the help of our sponsors to improve our AI software models of integration in our Earth global network of communities.

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