Vitcore Electronics E-Business Amazon Sellers

Vitcore Electronics E-Business Amazon Sellers Plans

Firstly, read our advices if you want to start an online shop and to not have problems. Try to not fix yourself your shop problems after you paid an developer to do your job. I did this and I lost some money! But, if you want to become an Amazon seller here are the first plans you should make.

Choose an unique product that is not already on the Amazon marketplace

Check the SKU of the products you want to sell on Amazon before you import them in your shop. Maybe you are not using an WooCommerce shop and Codisto like as me, but you have trust to do manually the import of 2 or 3 products on your seller account. This, could be a great business if the next step is this one!

Pay an influencer to talk about your product

Share the link to the products page to some influencers to talk about your product, and offer them unique point of sales materials of your product. That is important! Now you should do this every day, and in 2 weeks you should have sales. The budget I am sorry to say it must be of 3000 GBP to have a real start. That is all for this level of e-business.

If you have a WooCommerce shop

Things become more complicate, you need many plugins to grown the retention of your users. And, to send them newsletters. Plus, that the Codisto app can help you to list your products on Amazon, eBya, Google Merchant and other marketplaces, but each access must be paid and your shop costs will grow using or buying all this new apps.

I choosed to try growth hacking and I lost money and access to Facebook advertising. Additionally, as a second plan I created a team of interns and I grow organically my traffic on my blog, reffering some products from my shop.

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