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Hello, Vitcore Community Founders.

We received a great letter response from one of the Vitcore Community Founders which is one of our customers from a local campus in the Birmingham United Kingdom. Saying that:

  • I have a Laptop in student room IA for university school projects from Vitcore Electronics Shop.

Great. This means that our ads worked selling on campus the cheap student laptop products we have in our store. The real benefits of buying a laptop from Vitcore Electronics shop are the low prices, the vouchers, the fast shipping and free delivery in comparison with other dropshipping businesses in the United Kingdom.

Revelations for product marketing management team this summer.

This was a revelation for our product marketing management team formed from me and the rest of the freelancers who are writing for our Technology News blog. The revelation was that we can start a partnership with the students for the expansion of our business. Everybody thinks about events and it is exactly what we will do. The real thing is the implementation of our ideas in the web3 space of the metaverse and blockchain industry.

We will have a new website project coming next year for the expansion of our Vitcore Electronics Shop in the world of product affiliate management in the web3 and blockchain world using our actual affiliate program and a new subdomain named for product and business owners which are willing to give equal chances to new graduates to become founders of a new business in web3 blockchain industry.

Benefits of the new Founderland blockchain real-life game development.

Every new Founder receives a student laptop, unlimited listing ads on our business directory, plus featured posts, and endorsement articles which describe very well their business achievements and career development plans.

The world of google search intents and organic traffic will change next year.

Google is operating a new mission goal for their customers to focus more on image than on texts like in the last 24 years, so, we will see more people talking about their SME like as spaceship navigation on the Earth, this why we had researched many possibilities to contribute to this space and see if possible Twitter, Elon Musk and other big innovators like him will use their technology for marketing specialists upgrades in career new changes.

We will see more people focused on growing the double chances of buying cheaper laptops from Vitcore Electronics because of these product marketing development plans in free technology for small and medium businesses.

In the United Kingdom, it is possible to exist more than one million businesses are searching for local listings on Google and other SMEs at the same time without feeling insecure about their marketing setups. Our new Founderland built in partnership with the Vitcore Electronics Shop clients will become a revolutionary idea for business and product owners from the United Kingdom.

The Vitcore Community Founders are the revolution actors of the future employment escapism ideas.

A Founder role access to our app will offer grant access to office hardware equipment for business owners who are choosing to work with a great number of young employers remotely or special for their marketing and advertising skills. Big advertising agencies will consider these tools the perfect product partnership management idea to fund their expansion services to other territories granting office hardware laptop equipment to new recruits throughout the new local listing, PR& Advertising services our company will offer for their mission goals. Our partnership will extend to local meetings, fun, drinks and local news publishing with our Founders’ achievements.

The Vitcore Electronics Shop will create unlimited jobs and prospects for new global businesses.

Having a big number of founders in our stakeholding in a DAO system will be able to invite any type of project partners in the expansion of our product marketing development. Hence if we will grant several 10,000 founders with our hardware office equipment we could provide a software idea for their work involvement with other business owners from our blockchain.

The benefits of the new web3 blockchain named the Founder.

The strong benefits of the new web3 blockchain named the Founder are that we can transfer with zero costs the costs of the marketing points of sales materials to other community stakeholders without being involved in community stakeholding and keeping the substance of the money in crypto-farming staking growing the real value of the investments and offering a profit sharing to all the community members redistributing the value of their tokens to other parts of the world for free.

Therefore the Vitcore community founders will be working with their own growth value acquisitions for free scaling their businesses with international brands without paying no commissions on transferring their funds to their community partners.

Who will become a founder?

A founder could be only a business owner with a real value proposition and a list of real benefits and customer reviews. Even if you are a student who just becomes a Founder of our website or a business owner with 20 years of experience in this field, you must grant the entire community access to your services by creating a business token in our new business directory. It is very simple to start. We have a blog and an affiliate program to win the trust of your blockchain token customers.

The more you stay with us in our business directory the more you win.

Leaving our DAO blockchain community will not make you lose your money but the investment is vested for 5 years to assure other Vitcore community founders that the technology development of our marketing software will be completed and every Founder will have access to our business directory product marketing management services. The easier you understand the terms of our new business development novel ideas the faster we will start to advertise our project website to our customers.

Read all the new terms here.

Online Business Directory – a website where are listed an unlimited number of business names, addresses, services value propositions and contacts for free or for paid periods.

Web3 – a new online framework of communications, faster and more efficient than the previous one named web2.

Blockchain – this term is commonly used in cryptocurrency token access to funds transfers without commissions and very fast from user to user with anonymous names.

Founder – a person or a business which are paying a subscription to other new business to support their mission success and business steps.

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Thank you for your reading,

Alin Stefan Stan

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