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Unique Work Experiences at Vitcore Electronics

Unique Work Experiences at Vitcore Electronics Hub

Vitcore Electronic Hub offers countless unique work experiences in training skills compared to other internships with ours. It’s not only limited to improving our earned skills more practical but also developing our interpersonal skills. The following points I’ve introduced this time are only one part.


1. Two-way Communication with the Boss

Firstly, the main difference among other internships is frequent communication with Stefan. He takes enough time for daily intern training and gives helpful feedback to support the work, which enables us to consider what we miss to enhance our current skills further. Besides, OJT (On the Job Training) allows us to learn the job procedure efficiently in a live-work situation. Thanks to technology development, we can join OJT even though it’s a remote job!


2. Awareness of the purpose of the task

Secondly, as we work on SEO, it is natural to attain proactive behaviour which spontaneously looks for useful tips even in our daily life. When I pass through McDonald and Primark crammed with a lot of people, I try figuring out their motivation and what I can learn from those successful businesses. Besides, there are so many learning resources if we just type the word on the internet that we can pick up any successful SEO examples and gain interesting insight from them.

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