Understanding Worldwide Different Cultures

Understanding Worldwide Different Cultures

Diversity is a core part of this modern society and you can feel it anywhere in the world. So, to keep up with the globalised world follow this mindset. Because, it is important to have yourself globalised as well. Indeed, by understanding different cultures in the world. In conclusion, since I have work experience both in the Japan and the UK, I’ll share my thoughts. So, continue to read about the Japanese working culture. Additionally, using Hofstede Insights below, think at our social marks. And, educate your own mindset, for making new friends.

Hofstede Insight – the Comparison of Japan and UK

Hofstede Insight compares the country with six aspects: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long-Term Orientation and Indulgence (Hofstede, 2021).


Figure 1: (Hofstede Insight, 2021)


Figure 1 shows Japanese Individualism score is 46 and relatively low. The reason why Japan is sorted as a group-oriented society might be an island nation in terms of the geographical location and the historical rule of behaviour which is represented as “Bushido”. In short, we prioritise others over ourselves, which has developed our customer service a lot as you can find so many kinds of products in Japanese supermarkets.

Uncertainty Avoidance

Based on Hofstede Insights (2021), Japan records the highest in Uncertainty Avoidance. And, it also mentions that one of the reasons for increasing the score is natural disasters. So, as you know Japan has frequent natural disasters from earthquakes to the vulcano eruptions, unlikely as the most of the European countries. And, it makes the company difficult to plan long-term corporate goals without considering the potential risks. Furthermore, it seems to influence that we tend to be careful and take time to reach the conclusion of a discussion.



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