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UK Government Grant of 20K GBP/Event

So, I applyed to the UK government grant of 20,000 GBP for Events

And, I am sure that the new UK government grant owners are taking into consideration every application. So, they promise to offer back an answer in maximum one month or sooner. Additionally the 20 ooo GBP new funding is for creating a new recurring event in the United Kingdom. More specifically, the event will be in London.

Indeed I was fully responsible for all the granting application until now. So I will continue due to new actions to follow any other opportunities. Additionaly I read every news. And I am using apps for searching new grants.

And, I know that the new government grant is for advertising The United Kingdom opportunities only

Surely I trusted that the government offers us support in creating foreign delegations. Because I created a Vitcore team of professionals who wants to sell event tickets to Young Urban Professionals. So, I am targeting students, professionals, and decision-makers coming from abroad. And, I strongly believe that the United Kingdom state will help Vitcore visitors. Because, I asked also cover letters for their travels.

Clearly I became a trust-in-believer for many students, professionals and decision-makers. And I prepared a lot of new job entries for students, which can be found easily at

As I understood the government will let Vitcore to take sponsorships around 8 november

And, I am happy that with Visit Britain program support many local businesses from London will take benefits from the Vitcore new project. In addition to everything, I created a new website design only for the Vitcore new event. So, Vitcore will sell tickets directly from a website page. In conclusion, I am prepared to learn myself from Vitcore team new funding experience.

Indeed I invited a lot of new professional to subscribe to Vitcore newsletter to receive more small data development. Because I believe is a great opportunity for all. So, personally I learned a lot about business development from my master in Advertising and Public relations. Which is a big deal if you look seriously at what we did in our last years.

However Vitcore took also the Kickstarter Scheme

So, I took the first grant approval from the Kickstarter scheme. Clearly, I get help from the government. Because, I will receive as Vitcore CEO a full support to hire more than 10 apprenticees. Surely, I noticed that the funds are smaller, than the funds received from the Visit Britain program. And I can have their full support for all the possible granting applications.

Indeed to join Vitcore team of business developers. And to work as self-employer. Additionally, entering Vitcore marketing group. And, to form a joint venture for growth funding.

More details to be published soon on our page

And, to find more about this grant please visit

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