The True Mentorship

A Lesson From My Mentor

Do you have a mentor?

As a dictionary shows that a mentor is defined as “a person with experience in a job who supports and advises someone with less experience to help them develop in their work” (Cambridge Dictionary, 2021), it’s mainly used in a business context. Without a doubt, mentorship in the workplace is indispensable and important to make the work environment more satisfying. However, the real mentor in your life might be outside the office and give you more open and comfortable two-way mentorship.

Three Qualities of The Mentor that I Found Out

In my case, I met my second mentor (family is my first!) when I was a university student in Japan. She was a lecturer of Contemporary Sociology in information and media. When I went to her office to tell her that I’d enter a university in the UK, she said “Once you join there, you’ll not be treated as a guest. You can learn not only about major but also the culture, diversity and any other elements as a member of the group.” At the moment, I realised that a good mentor should be honest, a good listener and look forward to your development regardless of their experience.

We don’t chat these days, but when I saw almond milk at a supermarket, I always remember a shelf full of packs of almond milk in her office and bring back the memory with her.



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