The Process of Human Life: Human Resource, Development and Training

The Process of Human Life: Human Resource, Development, and Training 

Hi, I am Mitoshi from Bangladesh. People, I’ve always believed, should be addressed as resources first. They’ll need to be developed and trained after that. However, the concept is incorrect.  

Vitcore Electronics Hub is a good place to start. This organization is assisting their interns in developing skills and expertise first. Also, assisting them towards becoming human resources. 

Human resource management is a notion that comes later. 

When a person possesses long-term and advanced knowledge, skills, and ability, they are termed resources.  

Humans may also be considered a resource when they can perform something. There are several processes to follow in this case.  

Vitcore Electronics’ CEO Alin Stefan Stan, is an exception in developing skills. By offering learning opportunities he is essentially preparing his interns to become resources.  

When we conclude our academic careers, we move through a series of steps.  

So, we spend 22 to 25 years of our life growing and developing ourselves through enhancing our capacities or talents to perform anything.  

Alternatively, we can get information through schooling. In addition, we acquire theoretical knowledge. This technique aids in people’s growth by allowing them to gain new abilities.  

Of course humans are coming first, and they require growth afterward. Following that, humans are viewed as a resource. When people have certain talents and abilities, they are called resources or assets within a company’s workforce.  

For example…. when Microsoft Corporation acquired Zoom Communications, they integrated their department with all their HR, naming it a successful asset for their company. 

As a result, human resource development takes precedence over human resource management. Development is extremely significant since it allows a person to advertise better their Performance as well as the Organization’s Growth 

For example…. when Microsoft Corporation acquired LinkedIn, they sorted the best developers and created the GlassDoor project for opening new markets. 



We can’t manage people until they’ve gone through some kind of Training or Experience in other companies.  

Maybe, the group management leadership is seen as a Persona. This approach can be learned from others or followed by someone, but it will not be evident without challenges. 

I learned a lot from Alin Stefan Stan’s interview and himself also. I will benefit from the training and experience I am obtaining in my future undertakings. 

Human resource management is a systematic method to ensure the quality of employees in an organization. It also aids people in their professional development.  

For example, Microsoft 365 is helping HR professionals by improving productivity across key HR procedures while also supporting more strategic HR goals like fostering a better employee experience. 

So, it is crucial to properly manage and encourage personnel for them to perform at their best.  

Evaluating the development and management of professionals, we must determine what new abilities are required. 

People then seek more training or improve their abilities to perform better and boost production. 

In conclusion, leadership management is necessary not only for individual achievement but also for the success of the company which opens the HR campaign recruiting call to action. 

So, in general, human development comes first, and then people can be regarded as an asset attachment to the newly formed department tasks.  

Finally, training is required to mold people’s lives for them to flourish as individuals and organizations. This also aids them in reaching the pinnacle of their lifetime achievement.   


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