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The Hidden Benefits of a Virtual Internship

The Hidden Benefits of a Virtual Internship 


Hello, I am Poorna DB graduated in MBA and MPhil, currently living in the United States of America. So, learn more about my marketing goals. Because, I am a mother I practiced a lot of reading during my maternity. So, I joined Vitcore Electronics Hub to practice digital marketing. Please, continue to read the hidden benefits of a virtual internship.

Furthermore, read who I am. Hence, I studied in India. And, I moved in the United States with my husband. We are aged 30s and we are going to make a lot of new friends with similar skills like ours. So, I personally thank my husband for giving me this wonderful opportunity to seek for jobs in marketing working from home.

Why I chose Virtual Internship

The greatest challenge for any woman is finding a balance between motherhood and profession. In addition to their tremendous dedication, they need to devote more time to their careers. Virtual internship opportunities of up to two years have been extremely rare. When the pandemic hit, virtual internships had a significant impact despite working in different time zones.

Poorna DB. In my opinion, an internship is a great way to get a full-time job to build a successful career. Here I will be able to discover new professional environments, gain confidence, expand my network, connect with people around the world, and work as a team.

Important online groups to join

Because I am member of these groups I suggest you to join and learn more about your  technology interests.

1. Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategies, Traditional Media & Technology Disruption Network 

2. Global Technology Group: IoT + Blockchain + AI + Cloud + Robotics 

3. Blockchain Technology Group 

4. Technology Discussions 

5. New Inventions And Information Technology 

Some important digital marketing researchers

Further, I recommend some important books that I planned to read or already I read. Authors mentions and books titles:

1. Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business – Donald Miller (Author, Narrator), Dr. J.J. Peterson (Author, Narrator), HarperCollins Leadership (Publisher)

2. The New Marketing: How to Win in the Digital AgeCheryl Burgess  (Author), Mark Burgess  (Author)  

3. The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing – Wrike (Author)

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