Gold From E-Waste Electronics

E-Waste Gold Extraction Has A Bigger Potential Than Gold Mining

Must to find out how much it is worthing the gold from E-Waste of Consumer Electronics. Experts say that is equal to the potential of gold extraction. This means that the industry of E-Waste has a boom-generation potential. So we want to look in the future at the real gold from the e-waste electronics.

Vitcore Electronics. Created the first CSR campaign for helping the global community of consumer electronics. The campaign name is Techs Shakes Money Friends. As Communications paradoxical mixture between the safety, and the entertainment services leisured to the consumers of electronics.

Finding out who is a non-consumer and who is it, maybe the first Safari & Guerilla challenge send to our talented Casting Agency, for recruiting Influencers Creators in our Youtube Channel. Techs Shake Money Friends.

How the Youtube channel creators will deconstruct past projects in new production?

The new media production on Youtube is similar to the TV production and other video channels. What the creators need is excellent Safari & Guerilla market research with evaluations and pieces of information tested on both spaces of non-buyers and buyers.

Our first audience target is the value analysis engineers who worked in this industry of manufacturing consumer electronics. The Safari & Guerilla market research is operated by the Vitcore Electronics Hub and deconstructed by the Casting Agency loops, which hosted the challenges and the first followers for the new Youtube Channel.

This first threshold must be implemented for our audience because they are the brand citizens who can offer financial support to the CSR developments, for promoting EWaste branding materials in high populated communities such as the Birmingham, London, Manchester or Leeds cities from the United Kingdom. Our campaign has a big potential in the United States market because is the biggest in the world.

What are the mission goals of the new Youtube Channel ”Techs Shakes Money Friends”?

We destined our creativity capital in creating an extensible space for our online shop. Space which will promote our CSR influence in the world of Consumer Electronics. The mission is to create an audience for verified consumers of electronics. How we can verify them? First subscribers are coming from our buyers. So, the mission goal is to create a public partnership between these two spaces.

Secondly, we want to make those few non-consumers of electronics our buyers. It is a matter of time. Practically, everybody after a certain age becomes a brand citizen of this Electronics Industry, because is mixed with the value analysis of the entertainment islands pods. It is highly poetic but companies such as Apple look at kids’ conversion from their early ages.

How much gold exists in e-Waste electronics?

The quantity of gold that exists in Ewaste is equal to the potential of gold extraction. Because the manufacturers of consumer electronics are using this expensive material in bonding the circuits materials for better safeness of their connectivity, and longevity.

AI Ewaste Automations Review

Gold miners are scared by this high potential and their next investment capital goes to AI Ewaste automation. Does this mean that we will see a migration of knowledge and employment from gold mining engineering to EWaste? Non-necessarily. In the real world, both will thrive to new successes.


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