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The Best Marketing Internship Nigeria

I Am Participating At the Vitcore UK Marketing Internship Company From Nigeria

Indeed, as an African, it is obvious that getting a marketing internship in any advertising company in the UK is almost impossible. However, Vitcore Marketing United Kingdom company office made this possible. The interview was a conversation between Alin Stefan Stan — CEO of Vitcore — and me ( the new recruit ).  The CEO explained extensively how the internship will help improve my personal development in digital marketing.

My name is Abdulrazaq Amoo and I am a Nigerian

So, I am a resume writer, copywriter and author with a couple of books to my name in bookstores. And so far, living in Nigeria, I directly observed that cooperate organizations often avoid hardworking youths from my country. Because of the unfortunate stereotype associated with my country. Thankfully, Vitcore CEO Alin Stefan Stan looked beyond this preconceived notion and gave me the opportunity to prove myself.

Why did I take The Marketing Internship Offer?

I believe that the day you stop learning, is the day you start asking questions. Vitcore Marketing company has a plan to increase the knowledge of their interns. Furthermore, the most fantastic part is you get a commission for every sale you make. And, unlike most companies where interns are not rewarded. Because, it is believed that as an intern, you are there to add to your experience. Hence, I also develop myself for the next job. In conclusion, we all know for every job comes a task to follow.

What do you do as an intern at Vitcore Marketing Company?

You do little but you get a lot in return for your work. Because only One hour is required from you daily to pre-publish some articles. And to do some marketing research. The CEO himself will guide all the interns and train them on some marketing techniques to improve their efficiency. So, I am excited to share my thoughts about my new internship here! Read more, and subscribe finally to our Technology News blog.

Let me tell you a bit about the CEO. Alin Stefan Stan, a professional digital marketer specialising in Integrated WooCommerce, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Instagram Shops. Integrated SEO, AI Digital Marketing, CRM Automations with Sendgrid, and Mailchimp. He has vast knowledge in the advertisement industry. And I am ready to learn as much as I can during this internship.

How Did Alin Stefan Find ME?

Thanks to LinkedIn and the power of SEO incorporated into my LinkedIn profile. I always try to engage posts with sincerity using the proper keywords and hashtags. When you put out all your best in whatever you do, you will indeed be found. Wish me well in my journey at Vitcore Marketing Company.

My ebooks are here!

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