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The Best Intel Core i7 For Industrial Automations

The Best Intel Core i7 For Industrial Automations

Vitcore Electronics Shop promotes The Best Intel Core i7 For Industrial Automations. Because, this shop is made for professionals who understands the power of office automations. And, look how efficient could be to work with an Intel Computer Technology. We made these test on the CPU.

8th Generation Intel Core Processor, Multi-Cores Computing & Multi-Tasking

The 8th Generation offered by Intel is more better than all others Industrial Computers from the global market. It is easy to install, and with a good WiFi technology to work with many Desktops and devices in your office factory. Powerfull, and decided to give everything on the mask.

Intelligent Control & Quiet CPU Fan

When the CPU temperature reaches 70 degrees (this temperature can be set in the BIOS) the fan starts to work, and the speed changes with the temperature.

Small and Intelligent Mini PC For Industrial Use

HDMI Desktop Conectivity. Continue rolling the article page for more ideas.

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