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Teach Managers Change Company Culture

Teach managers change company culture for the better

I will go off for this statement Teach managers chance company culture. How and why? I am Alin Stefan Stan, CEO of Vitcore Electronics Shop, and I have minimum 4 interns co-working with me for improving their skills, while I conduct making the Vitcore Marketing team Safari& Guerilla research for new advertising strategy.

Additionally, my experience is based on my Master in Advertising in Public Relations research. And, my market research that is basing on studying pshicological behaviours, anthropology new media, semiology and some economical behaviours directly observed in national and international news.

Build a model for the employers

Create a new language for the employers which will become the Id of the managers in their work because of the pools created. Explore all their barriers, and scalled them with real life personas.

Trust in your creative skills

Write, do photography, film-making, speak to events and master classes. Because, every new learning activity is an opportunity to make new friends. Furthermore, think differently every time you find a problem that needs your creativity skills!

Develop a product value growth strategy

Every community in the world have a growth product value to show off. And, this value is equal to the quality of life there. So, choosing better architecture for your living space, better consumery behaviours, and maybe some good politicians to represent your interests could be a start to develop a product value growth strategy for everyone!

Thank you!

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