Studying With A Part-Time Internship

Student Or Intern?

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Many students ask if an internship is feasible while studying. Students at the university have got a lot to do. Classes, coursework, assignments and what not. However, they can not study all the time. Besides, it is better to explore interests beyond academics. Which helps in an overall development of a student. There are various activities students take part in. Like playing sports, performing arts and many others. Here, the skill in focus is multitasking. Which is indispensable for achieving success. Hence, it is quite conceivable that a student can take out time to do extra curricular activities. But, the question is if an internship falls in this category.

Managing Time During Internship

Let us look at the time dedicated by a student during study. Typically, a student spends about 12 hours per week attending lectures. Another 8 hours per week in self study. Considering a 40 hour work week, there is still 20 hours left for the student. This is the maximum time that is needed in any internship. Just by looking at data, it is absolutely doable. Studying and doing an internship helps in time management. And it is an essential skill in any domain. Surely, this can help make way for big success. As multitasking and time management go hand in hand.


There are tonnes of benefits in doing an internship. Firstly, you get the all important experience. Besides, you develop skills and proficiency. Also, you are able to earn money. Making you more independent. And helping you become more responsible. All this eventually helps build focus. Which is especially helpful during study. Additionally, all the lessons during study can be applied in your internship. Building the confidence and preparing you for a bright future.

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October 6, 2021

Good ideas worth shared! Very good article! Thank you Muhammad!

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