Standard equals cost efficiency in advertising

Standard equals cost efficiency in advertising


One of the most important principles in advertising is the Standard. Because it equals the cost efficiency of the buyer’s behaviour. So, our buyers are searching for products that cost less than $50 for many reasons. One of which is the efficiency of the product price.

Another behaviour is the economical legal standards of the import-export rules. Countries such as Brasil do not allow entering their countries products with a value bigger than $50 without a special tax, and an inside check of the items. Because, they might be drugs or medicines that are forbidden for trading in their country, which is a big one.


Focusing on computers, laptops and smartphones accessories


Focusing on accessories is easier for eCommerce traders. I have created a solid eCommerce strategy which can do profits through affiliate marketing development, and Youtube blogging. I like Instagram. And, there are many tech blogs with a great audience, but the budgeting for doing promotions with them is big.

The standard of the prices is creating an angle of starting good relationships with your clients. Of course, you need a lot of marketing tools, such as bundles, upselling, email marketing, vouchers, and giveaways. We have implemented all these ideas.


Making your clients happy by offering innovation for their main products


The main product such as a computer or a Laptop costs a minimum of $300 and we are selling accessories for these electronics. Because, they are cheaper, and the ROI is better. We invest only in good relationships with our clients. Working with gaming influencers. And offering them good commissions from their referral sales.

Our Elite Affiliates marketing project is the only advertising strategy we have created. We do not pay ads for our shop. But we have a Casting Agency on our portfolio that plays advertising campaigns. Recruiting Creators for our new Youtube channel. We named it also SEO outbound marketing. Because we want to see our profits invested in secondary businesses that can drive deals for others eCommerce managers. This will give us a nice face on our PR releases.


Is all about standards in advertising


Standards means also quality. We focus on a limited series of products. Checking all their reviews. And prepare our copy-listing on Amazon and eBay. And, we already have published our products on Google Merchant, Facebook and Instagram Marketplaces. We target all classes of buyers, but only the accessories buyers. Selling laptops, and computers is another merchant’s business.

Encouraging producers to accept us as fair traders. Because many accessories are created by innovators for making the main products more easy and useful to access. That is true. And, we want to gain respect and acceptance from worldwide producers. Encouraging our buyers for trusting our products. Because they are cheap and the risk of losing money keeps you safe.


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Alin Stan, CEO and Creative Manager at Vitcore Electronics


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