Special Gifts For Buyers

Added Special Gifts For Buyers On Vitcore Electronics Shop

Started the December month with big plans for our buyers. So, we added a new category of products named Special Gifts, for buyers on Vitcore Electronics Shop. Indeed, it is a great idea for our middle age buyers, but also for younger professionals who are loving the electronics world we create in our shop.

Electronics Special Gifts For December Buyers

The rate of selling our products grown from 50 to 75 starting on 1 December 2021. And, this is awesome for our Vitcore Electronics Hub development. Furthermore, the electronics special gifts are targeting the middle age buyers who want to enlarge their small group empathy with our qualitative products.

What is the first product added to our Gifts section?

We scouted for a cheap product that can be a real deal. Because, it will be offered for free if you buy over this sum $499. So, for example the Drone Toys are of a maximum worth of $99 in our shop. And, you  will get for free if you buy for the minimum amount of $499. Awesome!

What products you should buy for having this awesome gift for free?

Have a look at what products you should buy to have the WiFi Drone Toys for Free. Add to cart one of these products:

  1. Laptop 32G 2TB Intel Pro Laptop Ultrabook Gaming
  2. Atermiter X99 Motherboard Set D4 DDR4
  3. Laptop 15.6 Inch Metal Laptop A;D Ryzen 7 Windows 10
  4. Fanless Mini PC Intel Core i7 LAN Port Windows 10 Pro
  5. Some Video Cards from ASUS Dual RTX 2060 6G EVO Video Cards
  6. Fingerprint Unlock Gaming Laptop

Indeed, the shopping is much more easier and ”satisfactory” if you will always like do some research as now.

Thank you for reading our blog!

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