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SEO Marketing Technology Updates

Surely, SEO Marketing and Advertising professionals must know some lessons

And, how to execute every marketing SEO. With relevant touchpoints trough out an unique journey campaign. And, to get your website technology news blog to a maximum of organic searchs. So, start think at how many similar journeys like yours are nearby, and re-target their audience with better articles. So, when their targeted audiences will search for their tags, surely, you will appeat as a new hero that could offer them a trusty ID of spending money on your products.

Without doubts, we became the best technology researchs because our CEO Alin Stan methodology

So, pay attention to our technology content structure and link building created by our CEO Alin Stan. As author of all the IARU articles. Because, we offer a lot of training resources for your learning and earning opportunity. And, visit also our articles page. So, what we actually had made better than; all other marketing websites of eCommerce of Consumer Electronics? Clearly, we created a blog for Marketing Assistants niched on electronics. And, different digital marketing. Far away, from what schools teach you.

Undoubtedly, we started recruiting apprentices, trough in our Kickstarter scheme granted by the United Kingdom governoment. And, we invest a lot of resources for training youths about how to become our Central Engagement Managers.

So, how is possible to learn SEO Marketing in 6 months from Alin Stan

Again, is important to implement SEO easy-solutions for your marketing. And, to reduce the costs of executing the advertising-point of sales materials-trough relevant touchpoints. And, after a short time, the marketing automations becomes a journey for all the team members and the website visitors.

In conclusion, to resume it, to my article readers, my strategy for executing trough relevant touchpoints an active campaign for my blog are:

  1. Do the budget.
  2. Research the keywords and the group interests in the website tag sections.
  3. Starting a literary research focusing on the analytics viewed in the website tag sections.
  4. The characters streets must be unique and relevant to the campaign goals.
  5. Tag in the campaign stories the group interests. And the most popular keywords, or labels, as rewards for the website visitors.
  6. Compare at the end the campaign results with similar campaigns. And publish a blog post to attract reviews, and comments.
  7. Research the hashtags #giveaways #smartwatchs #tablets #laptops #xbox #playstation our page is 
  8. Insert internal links such as to create a better search engine ranking

In addition, we have a great opportunity for you. Clearly, to become full-time employer in just 6 months of learning and earning on our marketing platform. Because, is simple and efficient! And, we offer you all the point of sales materials for your branding channel management. In addition, you can ask us to let you publish articles on our website, but you need to pay the fee and to join our Alin Stan CEO Discord group for mentorship and guidance.

So, join our community of Marketing assistants. And, click on the link

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