See How China Got Rich In The Latest 40 Years

How China Got Rich In The Latest 40 Years

How China got from a hard working struggling communistic country to a vital capitalism for our world? Please read the main events that changed China forever.

Deng Xioping was an important ideologist for that critised Mao military doctryne.

In 1970 China was an agricultural county, 80% of the population working the land.

Some they thought if they will have a bicycle they would be rich. That was the level of poorness in 1970.


In 1976 when Mao died the chineze thinking had changed

Deng Xioping returned from exil. And, he asked to be put in charge for taking care of the education. They made the university admission free.

This is the most powerfull example of political endorsement from the modern history of humanity. Because, they admitted that Mao was wrong. And, the military leaders of China approved to let Deng Xioping to be the predominant image of the China modernisation.

Deng travels to USA where he mets president Carter.


The train speed was the top high-end of the China modern revolution

The high speed train workshops are incredible. They were planned 25000 high speed train network in 2017. And, they were already equal half of the world. Why? Because, the the new city format named the Megalopolis.

Guangzhou. Was in early 70s a ghost town. Shenzhen. Became one of 7 special economic areas around the Pearl River Delta. So. urbanisation exploded. And, the collective decisions moved to the individuals decision-makers. The balance of power on the world is changing quiqly.


Alibaba Group 1999 Opened the treasure across the world

Chinese middle class is around 400 millions peoples. These are people who are loving the electronics. They contribute to the common chinese prestige.

AI became the next revolution that China is leading it in the world. And, corporations such as Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei they are participating in changing the world of Artificial Intelligence together.

Also, China is investing massively in green technology. And, their world changed radically in the last 40 years. Hosting the reachest populations in the world.


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See How China Got Rich

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