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Say no to plastic-free ideas

Say no to plastic if you want a better Earth

Say no to plastic if you care about your life on Earth. I started to think at this campagin since I was student at Law. So I continued the research to find out that the plastic created a critical consumerism affecting the human psichology, and inter-relations. Because the local governments cannot created a good system for recycling enterily the bags, and other type of plastic materials.

I like to conceive solutions to other peoples problems, traveling, doing advertising, for live-in sustainability. I care a creative box with me. Would you vote though to stop advertising of plastic for solving the ecology problem?

Alin S. Stan, CEO Vitcore Electronics Store

No Plastic-How to conceive an answer to a problem of ecology before others?

Indeed plastic had poluted the Earth for more than 100 years. Exactly in 1907. And it should it stop now. So read this article about when plastic was invented and how it was used.

I have created since my university time this strategy of engagement to have success in a social media campaign like as Say no to plastic. Please continue to read.

  • Ask! Face to face talks. So people love interviews if they are funny.
  • Create group settings in your medium. And try fixtures like as; I like tall people, sportive, funny, english or italians. And start to read something about your kind of people you like.
  • Create new group settings with any new member. Indeed when you add a new group member in your team things appear different. So ask them to read something about new group settings to improve your medium. Maybe is hard to do it but some group needs rewards. And is better to have some rewards for them before you start your growing campaign.

How to create new group settings for your communications campaign?

  • Evaluate other peoples lunch hours, and talk about charity.
  • Ask when they do something different, if you are interested.
  • Inform other peoples when you have different activities, about references.

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Improve your systemic decisions. So read something from an organisation we like it

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