Remote Internship: Learning Valuable Skills

Remote Internship: An accessible journey of learning valuable skills

I am Tahmina Zaman Mitoshi from Bangladesh and Marketing Intern at Vitcore Electronics Hub. Being brought up in a middle-class family where English language usage was nearly zero was a no longer smooth journey for me to cope up with the new language. Thanks to the internet that has brought the entire world under an umbrella and made communication and learning far more accessible in recent decades than before. Because of that, I was able to overcome this obstacle although coming from a small country. Participating in a remote internship via LinkedIn was a great opportunity that enabled me to start my journey with Vitcore Electronics Hub.

Why did I become more interested in working for this company?

Aside from the monetary reward and other benefits, the CEO, Alin Stefan Stan discussed his long-term objectives where, he provides an opportunity for people from all countries and areas to promote their culture, people, political beliefs, and other intriguing aspects. His concepts made me feel that my country will be represented in front of the entire globe, which would be an honor for me. Furthermore, this is the best learning opportunity from the UK for people from all over the world even for a small nation like Bangladesh. Their training method is very encouraging and has a positive reputation among young people like me. Moreover, this organization is helping us to broaden our knowledge regarding digital marketing.

Vitcore Electrics Hub not only gained positive recognition among the young people through the intern period for its positive approach but also received consumer satisfaction by selling around 500 quality products. Their electronic market increased by 20% compared to the last year in the UK and successfully competed with the other companies. I thank Stefan for helping me to shape my future by providing a lifelong learning opportunity.

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Abdullah Al Mim
November 10, 2021

Awesome 😎👍

M U Khan
November 17, 2021

I feel proud to think that once you were my part time student. I can visualise your long journey making your parents smiling. Carry on.

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