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Qualitative Market Research For E-Commerce

Make your e-Commerce sales business better

Send us samples of your online products for testing their quality in the consumer market. We will do crazy efficient qualitative market research on your products. Tests are various and they might include creating Focus Groups, Video interviews and Tests of Usefulness in different mediums.

What else you can benefit from doing qualitative market research for your product?

Not only the quantitative ads responses can improve your business. Because Youtube has provided unlimited examples of online businesses which had have launched their new products here. Making video reviews firstly in front of curious and engaged audiences created by the power of new media viral marketing search. It is crazy efficient!

Others have done it before, we will do it too starting from now!

Of course, we will guest post articles and publish our video tests on our Youtube channel, which is named Techs Shakes Money Friends. Help us grow our subscriber volume! Click here on the link!


Joint video reviews for free. Send us your product samples.

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