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New Windows 11 Logo Meanings

New Windows 11 Logo Meanings For Advertisers

Windows Logo Evolution
Windows Logo Evolution To Current

What meaned in time the Window Logo for individuals? Why is so simple, and so durable for the professionals who are buying the new Windows 11 software product? I observed that almost all the public institutions are using Microsoft Office and Windows services. Because, it is simple for use and now more easier for installation and updating.

But, the logo deepest meanings come from the predictiveness of the events we can capture trough in the virtual Windows we open every day using our technology computers. And, for me as Safari& Guerilla literary researcher it was a big moment of my life to understand that my predictive literary research method is an holistic view for the Windows users.

Practically the Windows logo meanings could be related to using some Grids?

Is what I was asking myself for the first time in my life being in the United Kingdom. Obviously, a software developer knew it from the beginning, but the predictiveness is not yet into the Guides and the Apps Microsoft Office uses, or it is? Think at the multiple apps we use, and for what? News, excel sheets, graphs, AI, and almost everything we think about it, is available for use in Microsoft Office and the new Windows 11.

It is an amateur article, but I was thinking honestly about something technically around the logo meaning.

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