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My Life Journey

My Life Journey

Hello Everyone. I am Poorna DB. My home country is India. I was born into a middle class family. My family is very small, included my parents, my brother and myself. Please continue to read my article, “My Life Journey”.

My father is a business man and my mother is a house wife. My father is a hard worker. Our family was running only on his income. Though, he had a lot of struggle in his career, he encouraged me and my brother to study. Hence, my brother  graduated in engineering. Sometimes my father struggled to pay our school and college fees too.

He made me study Masters degree. And so, due to continuous encouragement from my parents, I graduated with Masters in Business Administration. Then, I started my  career as Human Resource Assistant in a small enterprise. Later, I improved my skills and got promoted as Senior HR Assistant. By that time, my parents had arranged for my marriage ceremonies. Further, my spouse was working for US clients. So I traveled with him to the USA and by God’s grace I was blessed with a kid. Therefore, I am very much thankful to my parents, my family, and friends.

Important online groups to join

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1. Social Media Marketing. Digital Strategies, Traditional Media & Technology Disruption Network

2. Global Technology Group: IoT + Blockchain + AI + Cloud + Robotics 

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Some important digital marketing researchers

Further, I recommend some important books I planned to read or already read. Authors mentions and books titles:

1. Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business – Donald Miller (Author, Narrator), Dr. J.J. Peterson (Author, Narrator), HarperCollins Leadership (Publisher)

2. The New Marketing: How to Win in the Digital Age – Cheryl Burgess  (Author), Mark Burgess  (Author)  

3. The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing – Wrike (Author)

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