My Affiliate Marketing Internship

My Affiliate Marketing Internship for Vitcore Electronics Hub

Finally, my Affiliate Marketing Internship at Vitcore Electronics Hub started today. First of all, my name is Hina Yoshida, 22 years old. And I came from Kobe, Japan, which is known as a historical trading city. I usually spend my free time editing photos with PhotoShop.  I have learnt Marketing since 2019 in Coventry, UK.

What brought you here?

I was looking for an internship job role that I can enhance my earned marketing skills more practically and encountered the job description of Vitcore Electronics Hub on LinkedIn. It is a 100% remote job opportunity that enables me to balance my university assignment. Furthermore, all the interns have a chance to get 6-months of free training in Affiliate Marketing, which will definitely help my further career.

What do you do as an intern?

Basically, we work as a team and boost our SEO and social media engagement by creating blog content. Our CEO, Stefan is very helpful to improve our skills and provide us with loads of insightful learning material on a daily basis, which means the more self-discipline you are, the more knowledge you reach!

What motivates you at work?

We have a chance to get to know talented colleagues and get learning and earning support to use SaaS like Microsoft Teams, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, or Discord. Besides, it’s absolutely tempting that we may receive 5% bonuses for our team sales activity!

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