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Build Your Own Social Media Television Cloud of Marketing Assistants

Sponsor United Kingdom apprenticees paying your content associates fees in our website. Finally you will get an UK apprentice aged 16 to 25, to work for you working from the US, Australia or United Kingdom. We want to create a collaboration from the College Students educated in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

I. You will get funds for paid video promotions! The funds are collected from your Marketing Assistants you will sponsor them to enter in Vitcore Marketing Training and Earning.

The Challenge is to create a team of 127 Affiliates who will fund your new point of sales materials, and branding creation for your new articles, videos, and pictures. The Affiliates must mention your posts on Instagram or Tik Tok, and use their discount codes to attract new recruits, and do new sales for your team.

II. You will get 10$ for new each direct recruited Assistant, and 1$ from every other recruits your teams will do!

Do you get it? Every month you will earn between  $600 to $6000 recruiting new marketing assistants, and copywritting new niched articles about our products. Sharing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

III. You will get from $1 to $15 for every sale you will made with your special discount code, and your recruits will have the same perks.

Do you think that we will offer you commissions from their sales? Maybe. Depends on the products! If we will have a profit of $500 for a product then we will offer you 20% shares from our profit sales.

Read our blog, and buy our eBooks to learn how to do.

Download the Discord App and join our CEO Alin S. Stan group for general informations about your training and earning.

After the registration you will be lead it by our CEO Manager Alin Stan, for a monthly training in social media marketing and advertising. Good Luck!


The price for membership is $25.00 per Month.

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