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Liverpool Advertising Research

Clearly my advertising observations where seen by many Liverpool visitors

Evidently, I had an advertising research by Liverpool, for one thing, firstly; I wanted to find solutions to advertise Vitcore Electronics in this city. And, things were perfectly ok for me. Because, I made also some new friends at Tate Gallery. And, nearby Albert Royal Docks. Besides, my education, and professional experiences helped me all this time.

In addition, to my author profile you should know that, I was Freelance Researcher at The University of Alexandru I. Cuza from Iasi, Romania since 2016-2018. But, I did not published my disertation in Romania. For this reason, I am testing an advertising model of researching the Safari& Guerilla culture of foreign countries.

Besides, I moved in the UK in 2020. As revealed by my experience, I founded Vitcore Electronics Store, with the help of the company Tiger ECommerce and Creative Industries.

For one thing, I liked to go in Liverpool for an advertising research

Indeed, I am travelling a lot, while I am publishing my branding advertising research. And, I will start to recruit Apprentices troughout a governoment Kickstarter scheme. So, I will like to visit more cities, for a better cultural view over the United Kingdom Pop Culture Timism. And, eating in various restaurants. For instance, take a look at this album of photos, to understand where I was this summer.

Indeed, I am offering new jobs opportunities for advertising Vitcore Electronics Shop

Clearly, if you are a marketing assistant, is an excellent idea to work for our company, and to develop a project such as Vitcore Electronics. And, this opportunity can come one day as the best in the world. Because, you can do advertising researchs. As, I did in 2021. And, this is not the only city I visited. For example, I was in Manchester, and London before with the same goals.

Surely, I am visiting new cities from the United Kingdom for my market researchs

Surely, I am planning new advertising market researchs to improve my professional knowledges, and public recognisition web of life. As, I am creating a way of life for me and my mission goals, I might like to meet new friends, who will join my free time to drink a coffee. And, to have a hot meal, nearby fancy restaurants. So, what you will decide furthermore if you will get invited at a such event tommorow? In conclusion, until then, keep your hot spoons on your noses, for a good show!

Indeed, you must visit our recruiting page. And, to join our training program. and, Links to places I visited:

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