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KEF Loudspeakers Quality Review

The Shift of Customer Preference: KEF

KEF Loudspeakers Quality Review

Learning from small electronics brands such as KEF to help products like as Apple in the near future. How we tought at it, and why? Because of this situation that I will explain it next. Likewise, the trend of fashion, the customer preference of consumer electronics has changed over time. Believing that sometimes undecided buyers might need to choose their style of life before buying something. So, advertisers get profit from researching these shifting behaviours of ”customers preferences”. Ofcourse, for their quality.

For example, the first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007. Although it hasn’t been even over 15 years since then, the product has transformed significantly. Consumers prefer high-end functions such as a longer battery, bigger display and high-tech camera. Moreover, they wait for a thrilling moment of unveiling the new version of the iPhone. Indeed, possessing the latest electronics shows speciality. In terms of the iPhone, expanding the colour variation personalises the speciality further.


The Quality Case of KEF

KEF is a British loudspeaker manufacturer founded in 1961. Just like the iPhone, the product has changed its appearance in response to customer preference. Between the 1960s to 1980s, the trend was large woody speakers as you can see on a classic movie and a good-old fashion bar. Currently, the features of popular speakers are light, portable and dynamic sound. The appearance has also changed to a friendly round shape using materials such as paper and fibre. I remember that my uncle is fond of the vinyl jazz record including the mistaken sound. So, you will see how influential the customer preference has been!


Products in the 1960s


Products in the 2020s


The Next Trend Occurs Unpredictably

Therefore, keep an eye on the world to catch up with the changing trend due to consumer preference and technology development. It will happen so sudden just like the trend on TikTok randomly picked up. Look around your city and even at your desk. Creativity may sleep just in front of you!




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