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Journey Campaign Social Behavioural Pattern

Adding, Journey campaign ideas for the ”father and son” social behavioural pattern

Indeed, a campaign is a journey first of all. And, because I am a Son of the Boom Generation I love my Father for my knowledge gained from our common past. And, I am a believer that all our systemic decisions should be measured by advertisers, for generating new campaign ideas. Surely, to do our lives better and better each day. With new fair opportunitties for monitorised consumers. Undoubtedly, such as the Father and Son small groups. As, Safari& Guerilla writter, my actual market reseach for Vitcore Electronics, redirects me to the Father And Son Journey.

In conclusion, the digital marketing newsletters are getting more responses from small group members, who are engaged already in online activities. As gaming, social media shows, marketing competitions, and Portal communications. In addition, connected to Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, G-Meet ups, Microsoft Teams, and more about these kind of social network sites named also SNSs.

Clearly, the Father and Son campaigns became a digital Web of Life

So, the entire Web Of Life, in which the Father And The Son embarks. Perhaps, is build by exact ideas created from their stationary memories, of their own personal labels, groups, and interests. So, the Journey campaign is also a reward of engagement. Surely, having a solving problem debated by a good endorser, or social media influencer. And, that makes their choices to be measured by advertisers. In conclusion, showing to them new offers to reach their end-goals. With asks for Freedom, Escapism, and Relaxation.

Surely, the web is build like as a tree of a Newton Family

Again, Mooble, Tooble, Looble do not accept to tickle the unknown tribes. Indeed, like as the non-followers with rival offers. And, this why the biggest online searching platform from the world, accepts all the other Social Network Sites Page IDs. So, they can measure the outbounding, and inbounding searchings. Clearly, Facebook created inside barriers as personal agendas. And, pools of informations by Timelines, that are not pages. In addition, your posts are updates for our friends agenda, and followers. And, the new campaign tags. Clearly, we are using tools for measuring the engagement between our siblings. Which, were informed to us when we registered to the Social Network Sites.

However, if your imagination and cassettes are well researched, your family might create a shareable space for your content. And, become overnight a famous caracter on one of the Social Network Sites you engage with in your life. So, is lifetime journey. And, furthermore a legacy of cultural behaviours you can share later to your new siblings. But, why? And how?

In conclusion, to respect our minutes of Social Network Sites privacy, the searching platform engineers are doing statistical analysis, for each parts of a tree, to evaluate their parts value for advertisers. And, as future star of a Social Network Site you must know that you must learn to create content, and partnerships with other creatives. And, that makes you a happy Father and Son. 

Ofcourse add Tag Management, and Morphological Cassettes to your campaign researchs

Labels-Crown Groups-Trunk Interests-Roots
Student Families Cars
Teacher Fathers Boats
Family Sons Music
Explorer Students Games
  Teachers Travel
  Drivers Biking
  Sailors Sport
  Musicians Nature
The Web Of Our Lives Researched Like As A Tree

So, have a deeper reading and learning knowledge about how to convince people to enter your campaign journey from this website:

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