Joint Calendars Must Be Implemented By Bumble Bizz

I created a solution for Bumble Bizz, because I am member of this community where women made the first move, to start a talk. Is unique, and extraordinary, giving power to women in a way that made the founder Whitney Wolfe, to start thinking at new division for Beauty. Read further our solution argumentation, for Joint Calendars in the Bumble Bizz exclusive section.

Whitney Wolfe Bumble App Founder

Feminism is about the equality, and the new life standards, and mostly of our life standards are made, for connectig with other community members. Each community is more engaged in communications if; She hosts events. I was inspired by having an offer from a RSVP dating company, which offers activities for their lifetime members, but the price is 1750 GBP.

Is not a good strategy to do this payment decision. Looking right now at the Bumble lifetime price, is x10 times cheaper, and with better services. Dating is not about strategy. Is about relaxation. Is it util to research more this subject, in the future articles.

Find them on Bumble-New York Campaign

Is not just a social dilema, to search someone you may know on a dating app, such as Bumble?

My survey design ideas for this social dilema of using Bumble dating app is what direction will take the future of dating apps, and how they will do it, having like as model this extraordinary women Whitney Wolfe, as dating-book CEO Manager?

A. Creating the new division Bumble Beauty.

B. Creating Joint Calendars for eventing-social gattering.

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I am designing market researchs, doing Safari& Guerilla direct observations, in the new small groups, I join, because I travel across the UK, and in the future in new countries.

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