Interview: Stefan Stan – CEO Vitcore Electronics

Interview: Stefan Stan – CEO Vitcore Electronics

I am Tahmina Zaman Mitoshi, a keen lady from Bangladesh. I got an opportunity for a remote internship at Vitcore Electronics Hub located in England, UK. My mentor, Alin Stefan Stan, CEO of Vitcore Electronics Hub, provided me with an exceptional learning experience shortly after I began my internship. I enjoy my internship since I am being monitored while also learning directly from my company’s CEO.


Without a question, the Internet is perhaps the most crucial tool for learning and developing new abilities. It opened up a slew of possibilities and removed the various barriers to acquiring new talents. It is indeed beneficial to both personal and professional growth. Nonetheless, we cannot dispute that learning from our MENTORS is the most effective method of learning. This is said to be the most effective method of learning. The mentor-mentee connection aids the mentee in learning more successfully. This even leads to being more productive and goal-oriented in both academic and professional careers. Because they are closely overseen by their mentors, mentees will always be excited about learning and on the proper road.


I wanted to learn something from my personal experience, too, as an eager apprentice. I also needed some practical advice on how to succeed.

My mentor and I had a conversation-


  • What is the finest piece of advice you can provide to assist people to plan their careers rather than just working to retain a job?

Alin Stefan Stan: Assisting people planning their careers is not easy, rather explained why others are just working to retain a job that they do not like! I mean about the hard work jobs from constructions, farming, delivery or maintenance services. I like to read about every industry, employment, and social need that people are struggling to determine their ending point for getting rewards. My feelings are mixed because my family is determined to have a career in e-commerce and training marketing assistants, but what I love mostly at the age of 34 is writing stories about new cultures. My family members are all comerciants of different levels. And, I love them as I am a good merchant too! Keeping a job today is a really big challenge but having it is an accomplishment! So, keep believing in your goals.


  • Do you have someone who can help you with your career? What impact have they had on your life?

Alin Stefan Stan: I believe that it is not possible to learn something alone. So, this is why I still have in my mind the ethos of my Universitarian studies and teachers. Because they are the mentors that influenced me in becoming the CEO of my own brand Vitcore Electronics Hub. Indeed, the knowledge discovered during the University classes from Romania might have been important for the later impact of my professional principles.


  • What strategies do you use to foster new ideas?

Alin Stefan Stan: I do not use the Foster meaning in my ideas research. I do instead of a gatekeeping strategy, which means to protect and gather the information that I discover in online groups or community pages. And, share it with my Interns. Tahmina. is one of Vitcore’s Marketing Team interns. Thank you for your interview!


Like Stefan, I also have mentors who are helping to shape my life and encouraging me a lot. I am an intern and haven’t started my career yet but my mentors including Stefan are helping me to believe in my goal.


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