Interview Alin Stan and Vitcore Electronics

Since 2018, I have been a specialist in the PR& Advertising industry. Leading one website creation with all the duties and roles required to accomplish excellent results. I know everything about blogs, magazines and social media conversion at low- medium scales. Working fantastic with the Google SEM engine.

Firstly, I started with the branding and SEO content research about the name of my new website Vitcore Electronics Shop and the relevant local artefacts for my project. Preparing the launch of multiple paid campaigns to grow my social media engagement. Creating Facebook and Instagram pages.

I interviewed professional people from LinkedIn to ask them what they thought about my new eCommerce business name. And I offered them PR/SEO training to publish content on my website. I have created a LinkedIn page for my project.

I was the Canva designer and the copywriter of all the Vitcore Electronics Shop content for the website and social media posts. Auto-scheduling posts and commentaries 9 times per day on all my channels.

I tested various marketing software programs for digital automation. I kept the best of them for having excellent results in organic reach. My website is fast and very well optimised for buyers.

I improved the branding daily, writing more than 100 articles about all the product discovery experiments I realised as a creative writer and brand manager. Preparing the launch of an Ebook about my project.

After four years of product discoveries for my learned journal, I became a marketing and advertising researcher. Open my LinkedIn Newsletter link address to read more about my creative writing and branding projects.

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