Intern Experience: The Roots of a Bright Career

Intern Role Experience: Significant Steps Towards a Bright Career

I am Cristiano Pedone, an undergraduate Cambridge-based student of Business with Tourism management. Also, my main interests deal with the marketing, technological and automation sectors. I am a person that always search for expand knowledge luggage through new experiences.
I come from a small town in the South of Italy, where there is a clear lack in keeping up the promotional field. There are a lot of obstacles that could hinder my professional improvement.
In nowadays’ world, Globalization plays a key role in reducing spaces. As a result, I had the chance to study in another country, UK, and have more work possibilities. Because of the Web, all the processes of communication seeem to be more fluid.


  • Which are the role’s aims?

Through LinkedIn, which is one of the main means of job opportunities research, I got into the valuable Intern role at Vitcore Electronics Hub and been able to start this journey.
In our first conversation Alin Stefan Stan, the Company’s CEO, made me feel extremely important with his words. The potential benefits I could gain completing this experience, definitely are in line with the desired ones.
The aim of the Internship is to increase Intern’s knowledges sharing their own contents. Under the CEO’s guidance, also qualitative research method, professional skills and digital marketing learnings will be boosted. This fully remote experience would help me to show creativity, thus improving time managing and soft skills.


  • What drove me to say ‘yes’ ?

Firstly, the free training I am receiving, is strongly pushing me out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Moreover, the advantages of being an Intern in this Start-up Company are the truly positive environment that surrounds us, the support of Stefan Stan and a monetary reward. This could represent a driver factor that moves on every individual, giving the chance to be more independent.
Vitcore Electrics Hub also has a positive reputation. Some articles posted on the Company’s website show how every Intern experience has a constructive overall review.
I think that Stefan is giving me an important help. It will be a possibility outline my career and structure my future.

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