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Hugh Dineen Marketing and Social Media Intern

About me during my marketing and social media internship

Hi, my name is Hugh Dineen-Lees. And I started my marketing and social media internship for Vitcore Electronics. So, I am a 21 year old student at the University of Birmingham currently studying international marketing MSc. Indeed, I come from London which is the undisputed business capital of Europe. And, spend my free time researching and learning new interesting things about business and the world as a whole. I have been studying marketing since 2018 were I did my undergrad degree at Sussex in Marketing management achieving a 2.1 honours.

What got me in to the marketing internship for Vitcore Electronics

Since a young age I have always had a passion for how businesses advertise there products and reach out to customers in various ways. And, I have always enjoyed the depth of consumer psychology. Furthermore, how this links to digital marketing. So, working with Vitcore electronics has given me the chance to network with talented colleagues. And have support when learning to use SaaS like Microsoft teams, Hootsuite and sprout social.

What you do as an intern in this eCommerce Retail organisation

In the Vitcore social media internship we work alongside our CEO Alin Stefan Stan who is a specialist in Public Relations and Advertising. Therefore, it is very helpful to working alongside Alin to improve our skills. And, provide us with loads of insightful learning material on a daily basis. I believe networking is the most important factor in learning. And, leaning towards your business goals which is why this internship is so fundamental for growth in the marketing world.

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