How Vitcore Marketing Gave Me A Platform

As a Nigerian and living in Nigeria, you are open to a few opportunities, companies like Vitcore Marketing Company are a gem on earth. Because of the negativity flying around about an average Nigeria. I am glad the narration is upbeat for me.

How it all Started from Grassroot

When I was in secondary school (Popular called High school in developed countries). I’ve always had this hunch that there are millions of ways you can earn legitimately online. The information in a newspaper explained how a man-made his million on affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products while in Nigeria). Followed every step, but I later hit the road blocked due to financing and lack of access to the internet.

The desire to make my own money legitimately never died despite having to write some exam to gain admission into the university. In late 2015, I met someone who has been a freelancer and digital marketing on fiver since 2010. We spoke at length, and he trained me. Now, I could make money from Nigeria by working with foreign clients. Did I forget to tell you that I also learned how to trade forex?

And that was how my ghostwriting journey because I could write anything as long as the pay was good. There was a project I did for a pharmacist. At first, I was skeptical, but the power of the search engine helped me deliver the job. And the doctor gave me a tip because he never excepted so much from my writing. This encouraged me to work on my research skill, which brought me to writing a programming book for an author who introduced me to Kindle Publishing and digital marketing.

I have many writing fantasies, from weight loss, homeopathy and ICT. Did I tell you I ghostwrite a fiction book? Check my books here.

How is the intern at Vitcore Electronic Going?

It is the holiday season, and everyone is trying to get that special gift for their loved ones. This internship has given me more understanding of SEO and digital marketing because some resources are open to interns. There is some material I am in the process of studying to enhance my marketing skill.

How can I leverage Vitcore Electronics?

If you visit the official website, you’ll notice a massive discount on all Vitcore Products. This is the best time to buy the game your son want, buy your boyfriend that gaming tower he has been craving to have. You can purchase many gadgets in their catalogue and present them to your loved ones, and they will forever be grateful.

Victor Gives interns a platform to showcase their skills

You are not working alone at Vitcore Marketing  Company, you are working in the teams. And you are getting your craft out there to the universe to see what you can do within a short period. With her exceptional customer service bee assured that Vitcore Electronic will give you absolute satisfaction.

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