How to work in television live talks

30 april 2021 Live Facebook Talk with special guests from Vitcore Television Hub Facebook Group

”How to work in television” Facebook live talks, gets us more unexpected pleasures, to meet, and do new friendships, for our Television Hub mission end-goals, to inform you about the opportunities we evaluated for you; to work in television, or to build your own social media television. Be a rock!

I am the Producer Researcher of our Television Hub Project.

I have launched a new live talks series, on our Vitcore Electronics Facebook page. Gladly. I am happy to welcome many new youth professionals, which are interested to build a barrier, with me; to drive our colective knowledges, to our audiences, like as jumping into a sail boat river journey. Be like one!

I sustain only autonomous decisions.

I have emerged my interests in my first live talk ”Meet Up With Raluca Draganel”; with a wonderfull youth professional originated from Romania, and a student in Netherland. Raluca. Works into an Influencer Marketing Agency. Thank you Raluca, for coming into my new project ID. My interest with Raluca is to create a trusty ID, collective sourced know-how, about the clothing colours, and behavioural trends of social media Influencers. Helping them to reach up their ideas to TV, trough out a good PR.

I have many other good sourced connections to help you build more brand authority for your agency. Read forward to know how to…

Create your mission end-goals for your success

Build The Belief

Conclusions for; How to work in television, or to create your own social media television?

  • Start to build live experiences, join a group with similar interests, and passions.
  • Contact some assistant producers to ask them about jobs opportunities.
  • Improve your social media presence, and your LinkedIn CV.

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Alin-Stefan Stan, Producer Researcher and Communications Specialist for Vitcore Television Hub.

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