How To Introduce The Emotional Drive In The Non-Buyers Mind

How to drive emotions to your clients! Be Like Superman

Each time Superman appears publicly creative people must spot Christopher Reeves in OOH Advertising with birds, and airplanes. Imagine your new product design as if it could be Superman in the above scene.

During our study in the United Kingdom we explained the lack of emotional drive of ”non-buyers”, as simple trend settings, that can be manipulated by content producers.

Alin-Stefan Stan, Communications Specialist

Below are some examples of emotions and thoughts, which Christopher Reeves, and the film producer, wanted to be incorporated by advertisers, for his movie ”cold” audience (What the audience want to see on the New York OOH Advertising):

  1. What music do you listen with your friends?
  2. What films you watch with your friends?
  3. Where do you want to travel in your next vacation?

I hope you understand these content trend settings, because the biggest American brands are promoted through Hollywood Pictures. Big brands attract big co-producers of; music, advertising spots, and original fashion clothing.

Please comment at the end of the article; 3 popular brands which became famous in Hollywood movies.

Alin-Stefan Stan, Communications Specialist

Working at your partner brand awareness. Watch the next example.

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

John Ford, Warner Bros Pictures

Create a forshadowed (anticipated) explanation in your video content with a good title, for your picture ads, like in the movie from above ”She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”.

We believe that 80% of your advertising problems can be solved with a good picture, and a good title. Take some liberties and explain your choices in a new press release to solve the rest of your 20% brand awareness problems.

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Alin-Stefan Stan, Communications Specialist,

#Apple #Coca-Cola #Marlboro Write 3 brands name which you saw them in famous movies. You will get a voucher value of $50 from our Vitcore Electronics Shop.

Read our next articles for more explanations, and trend settings of our Safari and Guerilla market researchs.

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