How To Get Start-Up Loans In The UK

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I have applied for two funding schemes( governoment paid apprenticeships;800GBP/month for 6 months, 25000 GBP Start-up Loan;?). The language code used, before, is for helping our community nerd members, to ask them-selves; what else can be necessary to get new funds!?

I am doing the research to enter New Enterprise Allowance scheme, too! The UK governoment is offering 1216 GBP/month for 68 weeks to Universal Credit benefitors, which wants to start a new business.

Think how you can open new markets with these UK governoment funds

Marnie get fun at Eiffel Tower

I was happy enought to start thinking positively, to new projects abroad, after I finished the applications! Is just a matter of time to see if my business is high-scaled by the UK governoment officers.

If you had bad, or happy experiences, that you wish to share with me; please write your message in the Facebook commentary box.

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