How To Do One Million $ In 2022 From E-Commerce

How To Do One Million $ In 2022 From E-Commerce

Re-selling consumer electronics is one way of doing $$ ONE MILLION in 2022 through e-Commerce! But there are other ways? The promotions volume trough in Influencer marketing is big too. Therefore the total of E-Commerce promotions on social media equals $ 100b per year.

How are all of these social media influencers are doing money from technology electronics gadgets and accessories shaking their hands with e-Commerce store managers?

The power of social media networks originated from the ”shaking hands for money” we are offering for promotions to these social media influencers.

Use Generated Content on Youtube and Tik Tok

What they are selling is important for all social media users. Because the Influencers are the most important users who are generating content for the rest of all users online.

How do we choose our favourite influencers?

We choose our favourite influencers based on the general laws of marketing such as age, ethnical background, professional activities, geo-locations and so more. Because we also need sometimes to refresh our language trends trough in the learning of new language pools mostly from bigger cities.

For example, youngsters from Manchester city are following trendsetters and social media influencers from London or Leeds because they are bigger cities.

What do you need to know for becoming a millionaire social media influencer?

Tones of money from your friends and collaborations but all this money must have been exchanged throughout multi-traded promoted labels and followers community rewards.

All this m-t-p-l-a-f-c-r marketing phrase is without a sense for almost all social media influencers because they are not qualified marketing specialists but they know the Nature Law of doing money online through methods of attracting the attention of undecided users.

For example, you might know where to go on a vacation, but you are not sure, then the influencers are scraping for some trends and they inform you with what they think about the places where you should go on your next summer trip.

In psychological ways, self-esteem confirmation is a common human need that we all seek for it because learning never ends!

Build networks which will make your media channel business better!

This is our conclusion. Build networks! Because their members will make your social media channel business much better.

We drive in 19 partners from our LinkedIn ads targeting social media influencers trough out this platform. And we have the goal to reach 1000 elite influencer partners this year.

You can be part of this project and take the lead in creating your sales network of at least 1000 elite influencers on social media. Every partner can give your back $1000 in one year from their referral sales and new point of sales materials on their social media channels. And in this way, your 1000 associated influencers will help you do your first $ ONE MILLION in 2022.

We plan to extend our e-Commerce business to new niches of kitchen accessories and car gadgets and accessories. So, if you want to join our Elite Influencers network this is the perfect moment to join. Because we are offering $100 for promotions to those channels which have several followers bigger than 200k on any social media channel.

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