How Crypto Mining Works

Find How Crypto Mining Works

I have watched a lot of new videos on Youtube. And, I read many articles to learn more about how crypto mining works. So, read all my discoveries. And, choose some of our products to try mining from your home or office!

Create a good semi-industrial computer for mining

I made a selection on our shop of at least 7 good intel industrial computers to start a mining pool from your home, and your office. You can see them here!

Further, you need a good monitor or a current laptop to attach your new machinery. See here more laptops!

So, you are ready to start mining with what technology I offered until now. And, when you are paid, re-invest in these video and graphic cards! Click here to see them!

Find a good software and setup the mining pool size

Ofcourse, there are risks but less than taking an airplane! So, install the software and setup the mining pool size. Do it in different processes. First buy the laptop and the industrial computer station. Install the software for mining.

And, choose a software that can pay you in different cryptocurrencies! Further, read this article to choose the mining software that you like. Click here to learn more!

Setup your wallet address for payments

Maybe, you will like to use Binance wallet to receive the payments! Because, you can stake your crypto in their mining pool and earn more from it! Click here to register for a Binance Wallet!

We have more than 7 friends joining to Binance because of this article!

Investment scenario

So, if you earn 1 ethereum per month from your mining, what you should do to have more profits? Firstly, make the Binance move, and register for their wallet! And, they will offer you a lot of new staking or mining opportunities to bake!

In conclusion, you can earn another 10% APY per year from staking your crypto in Binance mining pools. But, if you look at their services more carefully you can see that you can swap with other cryptocurrency, and choose to invest in them, or in mining these new coins or tokens, hunting a bigger APY. Maybe, 45% per year will be good for you!

Sooner or later you will see that Binance offers a lot of opportunities to become a multi-millionaire!

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