Who can beat this online sale challenge

Who can beat this sale challenge?

We were contacting a big number of social media influencers for challenge them in beating this online sale challenge for our Vitcore Electronics sellers community. We have started in 2022 with $50 budget after we have invested $1500 in the full e-commerce setup with money from family. We have created nothing precious in so far; but we have observed that this market is a real big boom opportunity for Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok content creators. So, who will beat the challenge goal and to the 100,000th sale for earning a Porche 911 and how? Continue reading our article.

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Exclusive casting for Tik Tok short/long movie selections.

Annual vacations in Europe for top Influencers and network brand builders. Bigger rewards for talents who are reaching to 10,000 network sales each month. And the Elite Influencer who will create the first 100,000 sale will get a free Porche 911 exactly like this model.

Learn more about your 3 most important roles:

  1. Make your own fortune from MLM and casting talents for long term productions on Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram and other social media channels.
  2. Make big sales each month of at least $10,000 paid on PayPal, and grow your network, recruiting new talents every day. Initiate qualitative interviews and schedule promotions and content together.
  3. Make your own point of sales materials and send us pictures and videos for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. We will help the passionate creators to grown their new media audiences at millions of views.

You can direct clients directly to your shop. Clients will add products to their cart and pay. After payment your will receive 10% commision from each sale. If you are new to PayPal click here now. We want you to be happy!

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