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Make your media channel business better!

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What you need to become an influencer marketing expert?

Mostly of the Instagram and Tik Tok influencers are becoming famous because they are already important figures on other media channels. And this makes them easier famous in new platforms.

How to scale your media channel business better?

Learning never ends. Social media marketing is for all. Learn doing campaigns. And create networks. Because big groups of partners can create profit. Call for profit those Influencers who have tested methods of conversion. And continue to create networks. We want you becoming happy!

What products we are offering to Elite Influencers for promotion?

Our first online shop is Vitcore Electronics so we are offering free items for video reviews on the category of computers accessories, new technology and electronics accessories. All the products are under a standard price of $50 for regulations accepted also in South America, Russia, Turkey and Africa countries. Our main markets are the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and the major European countries.

Where you can start our Influencer marketing training?

Our training is developed trough in the practice of Refferal Sales method. There so, you must create your account on our Elite page and see all the marketing tools we have offered to you. Furthermore, our sign up bonus is $45, plus $10 for each new associate talent you will recruit in your MLM team. The MLM network commissions will make you dream high. Because, we are offering amazing rewards for reaching new selling targets. Learn more about this big opportunity!

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