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I am Alin Stan. Advertising and Public Relations specialist. I have worked as journalist and branding specialist. And, I have created Vitcore Marketing SEO Free Agency for small bloggers and Influencers who needs a small growth scheme for their websites.


Q& A For SEO: Build Links Strategy


What is SEO?

SEO is a tool for listing better your website trough out your pages and posts. There are two strategies for a better marketing SEO. Firstly you must create a few posts and pages that are relevant for peer groups. Than start mention your peers links in new posts by adding their posts addresses and titles. It is simple! Do not hesitate starting it now.


When you will see the results of your marketing SEO?

I have seen SEO results immediatly after I have published a new page or a blog post. It is important for knowing what are the differences between: SEO Inbound marketing and SEO Outbound marketing. Perhaps, you should read something about tourism digital marketing. Because, you will strenghten your marketing skills!


Who will have success with the new SEO developments?

Everybody should expect for having success with their new SEO developments. Because, everything starts with choosing the name of your website. And, further create at least 30 good pages and categories that will crawl your content in your nearest search engine web.


Where you will find good SEO ranking partners?

I am one of the good parteners who will help you with the SEO ranking of your website. Better for free. Because, I need almost all the time a better ranking for fighting with-on different competitive spiders web addresses. Sounds hacky! Maybe, you should learn more about digital marketing before you will buy your first website name address.


Why good SEO specialists needs partnerships with other peer groups?

SEO specialists needs partnerships with other peer groups because, for example, it is not efficient for going live online, promoting a pair of techy headphones on a hygiene & beauty blog website. Defining your partnerships standards is important.

The peer groups for an electronics online shop are Tech blogs, Gaming blogs, Indoor Sports blogs, etc. How to find them? Search for online and try to contact them directly. I am dodgy about all these creative measures. Because, I open all the emails, and answer at all the messages, but if you did not have studied advertising or digital marketing for at least 5 years at the University, you will hardly understand the language pools I have build in-so-far for all my articles.

I also have installed a plugin that sends a message with this page address to Influencers and blog owners. So, if you want to know why you received my message than now you might read my goals endessly. I want to improve my SEO sharing links with you on my blog!


How it works the Marketing SEO: Build Links strategy with my website?

Simple as before. We can write about each others websites and businesses. Advertising each others products or services. Ofcourse, Interviews are welcomed anytime. Be a person of good faith and first write an article about our website, or a product for showing us your qualities and skills as copywritter. And, if you articles have many reads, perhaps, we can pay you for a pack of articles about us.


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Thank you!

Alin Stan

CEO Vitcore Electronics