BI Software Solutions

BI Software Solutions

Find how BI Software Solutions could be integrated in your business, to showcase for your clients powerfull marketing reports. We have a team of great marketing assistants to help you develop a new campaign based on Business Intelligence reports about your niched industry and business.

Marketing Assistants for your website solutions

We engage in training the best marketing assistants from the world with our BI Software Solutions. And we hire them to work for your business. Publishing Business Intelligence reports about your company niches. And tracking your social media results for creating a new content strategy in your website. We ask you a montly payment. Because we want to work with your company employers for a long time duration. In conclusion, the best strategy is to define for your company a long term strategy at a better price than any price in the world.

Making Advertising Campaigns for largest companies in the world

We administrate with our Software Solutions, Facebook and Instagram pages of the biggest companies in the world, creating for them qualitative and superior content ideas. Creating a content strategy for one year and most. Coming with an anually planner for their business engagement and awareness. Think how usefull we are. Working for your company. Everyday!

Mr. Stefan Stan, CEO & Advertising Executive @Vitcore.Electronics

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